Cell Viability Reducing In Doxorubicin-Resistant Breast Cancer by Cationic Peptides

November 6, 2019


Acquired resistance to various drugs is an obstacle for anticancer therapy. Doxorubicin (Dox)  is the first-line chemo-drug for therapy of various malignant tumors but it fails when treatment of multi-drug resistant tumors. One of the main factors of  Dox-resistance is over expression of drug resistance genes, particularly, P-glycoprotein – Pgp. Earlier we’ve revealed a high selective apoptosis of tumor cells, induced by some cationic peptides  (CPs) in vitro through inactivation their cell targets – chaperone proteins nucleolin/NCL and nucleophosmin/NPM. This paper describes effect of CPs on breast cancer (BC) cell line HBL 100 and doxorubicin-resistant cell line HBL-100/Dox.

Objective is to examine the viability of BC and Dox-resistant BC cells after incubation with CPs.

Results Some Arg/Lys-enriched cationic peptides under study  induce cell death by nucleolar stress initiation both in HBL 100 BC cell line and HBL 100/ID 120 one. Thus, these CPs are expected NCL/NPM inhibitors, which   significantly reduce viability both BC and BC doxorubicin –resistant cells in vitro.


breast cancer lines, nucleolin/NCL and nucleophosmin/NPM expression, cationic peptides, induction of apoptosis


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Author Details

Anna A. Lushnikova

Anastasia V. Onyan

Alexander V. Kostarev

Kseniya V. Kozhikhova

Sergey M. Andreev

Natalya I. Moiseeva