The Effect of Gama Ray on Optical Properties for Zincoxide (Zno) Thin Film

October 31, 2019


In this work we investigated the effect of Gama Ray  (0, 0.1 and 0.3) mG. on the efficiency on optical properties of Zinc Oxide (ZnO)nonmaterial's thin film  . Samples  prepared by spin coating method .The optical characteristics of the prepared samples  have been investigated by UV/Vis spectrophotometer(min 1240) in the wavelength range (370 – 390 ) nm . The maximum value of the refractive index (n) for all thin films are given about (2.17). Also the extinction coefficient (K)the value of (K) at (346) nm for untreated film( 0.0 mGy ) is (8.14x10-6 ) while for (0.1 mGy) film equal to (6.1x10-6) and for (0.3 mGy) equal  (4.37x10-6) at the same wave length. And the real and imaginary dielectric constants the maximum value ofreal (ε1) equal to (4.6) , while imaginary (ε2) = 2x10-5 for all samples. The results indicate the films have good characteristics for optoelectronic applications.


Optical Properties, Thin film, Extinction Coefficient, Refractive Index, Real and Imaginary Dielectric Constants.


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Author Details

Nafisa Badar Eldeen Mohamed

Rawia Abdelgani Elobaid

Abdelnabi Ali Elamin

Amel Abdallah Ahmed Elfaki