Entrepreneurship Success and Sustainability Strategy: A Challenges of Today’s Entrepreneurs

July 31, 2019


Over the years researchers and authors have been battling toward instituting entrepreneurial activities {Kruger, 2004} Alas! We are living in an exciting times that are characterized by major power shifts: there is no need for large and complex infrastructures and organizations to transform an idea into a tangible solution. Today, an individual that is empowered with a good idea, determination, and some easily accessible tools can challenge entire industries (pascual, Klink &grisales, 2011). This literature review focused on those successful entrepreneurs the means and strategy suitable for sustaining the success recorded, in which a brief definition, background/history of entrepreneurship was examined its importance to economic development to apt the reader especially those with little or absolute knowledge in entrepreneurship, but the sole focus of this paper was harnessing those strategy/model relevant for sustaining an entrepreneur. The debate all round was people fall in and out of entrepreneurship, because sustainability strategy-model has not been instituted in our business activity (Majid &Koe, 2012). Therefore, the paper debated on some models relevant for sustainable development.


Entrepreneur; Entrepreneurship; Success; Sustainability; development& Strategy


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Dr. Habu Bah-yaye Adamu

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Abba Kura Goni

  • Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, Department of Business Administration, Yobe State University, Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria
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