Diagnosis of Incidental Gall Bladder Carcinoma (IGBC) After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Benign Disease

July 5, 2019


Introduction:- Incidental gall bladder carcinoma (IGBC) is an incidental finding of carcinoma diagnosed on histopathological examination of gall bladder specimen removed for benign gall bladder diseases. Gall bladder carcinoma is a highly malignant tumor with a poor prognosis. The incidence of IGBC is around 0.19 - 3.3% in the literature.

Aims & Objectives:- To determine the percentage of gall bladder carcinoma incidentally diagnosed during histopathological examination of cholecystectomy specimens done  for benign gall bladder disease.

Material and Methods:- This study included 450 cholecystectomy specimens which were removed, during JAN.2018 to till the sample size attained in the tertiary care hospital. The clinicopathological findings of cases with incidentally detected gall bladder cancers were recorded; age, sex, presenting symptoms, presence of gall stones, histopathological spectrum, histologic grade and staging of tumors were included (as per 7th edition AJCC2010).

Results:- A total of 450 patients underwent cholecystectomy , incidental gall bladder carcinoma was diagnosed histopathologically in 3 cases(0.67%). All 3 patients were females and the mean age was 38.33 years.

Conclusion:- Prognosis of incidental gall bladder carcinoma is better, if  diagnosed early stage.




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