The Effect of Industrial Poverty Alleviation on Farmers' Income under the Background of Precise poverty Alleviation Taking Lingyang Town, Linzhou City, Henan Province as an Example

March 14, 2019


Industrial poverty alleviation is the most sustainable and stable poverty alleviation model, playing an indispensable role in poverty alleviation work in China. Taking Henan Province as an example, this paper selects the Lingyang Town of Linzhou City, Henan Province to conduct field research, and summarizes the basic situation of local industry poverty alleviation work through the effect of precise poverty alleviation on farmers' income, and tries to put forward some rationalized suggestions and measures. In order to provide useful reference for poverty alleviation work in other poverty stricken areas of China.


precise poverty alleviation;, industrial poverty alleviation;, farmers' income


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Sijia li

Xianhong Xu