Brand Preference of Consumers for Selected Brands of FMCG Products -A Study of Rajkot City

May 23, 2018


Due to liberalisation and globalisation, markets across the world are going through a transformation like never before. Today consumers are regularly exposed to newer ways of living, an unparalleled variety of products and services due to the effect of media and communication explosion. At the same time, thanks to the continuously rising economic status of the consumers, there has been a sweeping change in the consumers’ attitudes and aspirations. Consequently, multifaceted and segment specific newer brands are regularly flooding the markets world over. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) amongst various categories of consumer products, are struggling for shelf-space in the overcrowded marketplace.  Markets today are featured by ruthless competition. Every manufacturer wants to annex the major share of the market. This is possible through carving out a brand image in the marketplace.  Brands can make or break the businesses. Brand name lends trustworthiness and resilience. This paper studies the Expectations of Consumers from their Favorite brand of Selected FMCG Goods concerning aspects like their level of Satisfaction, Brand Recognition, Praise from friends, Value for money, Social Acceptability and the Factors they consider while selecting their favorite Brand like Brand Name, Brand Popularity, Brand Image, Availability of the Brand, Current trend, etc., and ultimately finds out the Most Preferred Brands of Selected FMCG Products.


FMCG, Brand Preference, Satisfaction, Recognition, Brand Image.


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Dr. Chitralekha H. Dhadhal