The Grand Unification: 2-The Nuclear (FN) and Weak (FW) Forces

November 21, 2018


A formula, generating the Spinning Magnetic Field (SMF) has been derived, the interaction of two SMF by two protons, using the recently derived unified formula of fields, produced Spinning Magnetic Force (SMFs); while at each step, the mutual electrostatic force by both protons is subtracted from the relevant Spinning Magnetic Force (SMFs), this resulted in the nuclear strong force; this paper is a modified version of previous SMFs, it established and replicated the nuclear force as computed from potential graph; while the Weak Spinning Magnetic Force (FW) which is the reverse of the Spinning Magnetic Force (SMFs), is produced as a result of an internal repulsive force caused by an agitation of two SMF, forming spiral rotation inside neutron leading to an internal instability, ended by the disconnection of both the electron and the proton; the knowledge of this mechanism will help in understanding both phenomena, and the production of the nuclear fusion, that may help to envision other forms of the most needed alternative renewable energy.


Grand Unification; Field’s Formula; Spinning Magnetic Field (SMF); Spinning Magnetic Force (SMFs); Nuclear Force; Strong Force; The Weak Spinning Magnetic Force (F_W); The Weak Interaction; Neutron Disintegration, Neutron Beta Decays

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Mahmoud E. Yousif