THE Evaluation of Post Thyroidectomy Complications – A Retrospective Study in CMCH (A Tertiary Care Hospital) Coimbatore

November 25, 2018



To analyse and evaluate the complications related to thyroidectomy surgeries and how to prevent them


Patients admitted in General Surgery department, Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital for thyroid disorders taken up for thyroidectomy surgeries under certain indications


Total number of patients included in the study group are 73. Most common are female patients of about 71 patients. Most common age group is between is between 30-40. Most common indication for thyroidectomy surgeries is being Multinodular goitre and the most commonly done surgery is being Total thyroidectomy


Total thyroidectomy surgeries are associated with increased incidence of complications rather than subtotal or hemithyroidectomy. The complications may be prevented by careful intraoperative nerve and gland dissection and close monitoring of postoperative period


thyroid, thyroidectomy, complications, analysis


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Dr. V. Lekshminarayani M.S , D.G.O.

Dr. Radhika, M.S. D.G.O.

Vignesh Shankar