Simulation Analysis Differences in Capitation Based Service Commitment Fulfillment and Strategies

May 8, 2018


Most Primary Health Centers (PHCs) has a tendency to increase the number of capitation, but with the indicator of service commitment that must be fulfilled will decrease the actual capitation received. Has not change the norm of capitation since January 2014 and increase drug price have an impact on capitation, gross profit, percentage of drug cost on capitation. The study aims to know difference of capitation, gross profit, percentage of drug cost to capitation before and after simulation of capitation income based on fulfillment service commitment Private Primary Health Centers  in Cirebon and knowing its strategy in achieving and indicator of service commitment. Quantitative data collection uses document review and qualitative data using interviews. Differences before and after simulation is conducted with Wilcoxon Test. The qualitative data were analyzed using qualitative SWOT analysis. Wilcoxon Test showed significant differences between capitation, gross profit, percentage drug cost to capitation before and after simulation. Appropriate strategy  to fulfill the indicator of service commitment is to increase the competences of medical personnel, calculate unit cost, implement health promotion preventive program, and implementation of standard procedure operational. There is a significant difference between capitation, gross profit, percentage of drug cost to capitation before and after simulation. Private Primary Health Centers  should implement preventive health promotion strategy, and improve quality control and cost control.


Simulation, Capitation based service commitment fulfillment, and strategies


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