A Brief Comparison of Curricula at Dental Schools in India and Malaysia

June 29, 2018


Purpose/objectives: Day by day dental care is becoming increasingly important globally due to awareness, competition and connectivity of world. So it is important to keep pace with the current curriculum and trends. The purpose of this review is to compare the dental curriculum between Indian and Malaysian.

Methods: A web search of dental curriculum of Indian and Malaysian dental schools was carried out. The subjects covered during and the number of years required to complete the course were analyzed.

Conclusion:  In India the curriculum is specialty department oriented whereas in Malaysia itis polyclinic based. Early clinical experience to thoroughly map theoretical aspects of learning with practical aspects of dentistry can be incorporated as part of the dental curriculum.


Dental education, Dental Curriculum, Undergraduate, BDS, Dental surgery.


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Target study


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Author Details

Dr. Jeevan Matada Basavarajaiah

Dr. Leneena Gudugunta

Dr. sathiyavathimahendra kumar

Dr. Nandin R ktta

Dr Deepak patil