Homoeopathic Medicine ‘Cantharis 30CH’ Substituted Antibiotic: A Case Report of Infantile Urinary Tract Infection

July 12, 2018


Introduction: Cantharis is not an uncommon homoeopathic remedy for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), but this case was unique as it was a case of rapidly progressing acute UTI. The patient was a 4-month-old infant and the pediatrician of modern medicine had already suggested that administration of antibiotics was the only way of treatment, but Cantharis 30CH could cure the case, within a short period.

Case Profile: The four-month-old male baby presented on 5th Jan.2018, with the symptoms of: incessant crying, especially more before and while urinating; irritability and total loss of appetite. The routine and microscopic examination (RE&ME) of urine done on 4th Jan. 2018 showed plenty of leucocytes and subsequent culture of urine sample collected on 5th Jan. 2018 revealed growth of E.coli >100000 CFU/ml. So the case was a confirmed case of UTI. The parents first visited an allopathic pediatrician on 4th Jan.2018 and he prescribed antibiotics and advised to start immediately, but the parents were reluctant to give antibiotics to their 4-month-old baby, so they visited our OPD and requested for homoeopathic treatment. After thorough case taking and analysis, Cantharis 30CH was selected; it was advised to dissolve one globule in the breast milk and give thrice daily. There was significant improvement of symptoms within 3 days; microscopic examination of urine showed decrease in leucocytes and there was complete disappearance of all symptoms within 6 days. 

Conclusion: It can be concluded from the case report that a well-selected homoeopathic similimum, in right potency and dosage can cure awful cases of E.coli infections even in infants and can replace antibiotics and save the little ones from the adverse effects of antibiotics. Clinical trials on the efficacy of Cantharis on infantile UTI are suggested.


Urinary tract infection, Infants, Homoeopathy, Cantharis


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Amulya Ratna Sahoo

Ranjita Pradhan

Chaturbhuja Nayak