The Effect of Estafet Games on the Motor Skills Children Age 5-6 Year in Aba Karangmalang Kindergaten

December 25, 2017


The research aims to see the effect of the relay games on rough motor skills of the child, which include throwing and catching, walking on a boardwalk, and jumping on two legs. The research used in this research is quantitative research with research method is pre experimental with One Group Pretest-Posttest Design approach. The subjects of this study were all students of group B in ABA Karangmalang kindergaten, Yogyakarta, as many as 2 classes taken by purposive sampling. Research with data analysis is done statistically using Paired T test. The result of this research is that the relay game has a significant influence on the gross motor of the child proved by Paired T test  analaisis  with sig value (2-tailed = 0.001) <½ α (0,025).


Estafet Games, Gross Motor Skills


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Samsul Mujtahidin

Sry Anita Rachman