Design & Simulation of Wearable UWB Antenna for Body Area Network

January 10, 2018


A microstrip patch antenna is presented for wide band application. The proposed antenna is used to air bone radar system. The proposed antenna consists of a octagonal radiating patch and a partial ground plane. The substrate of the proposed antenna is made of Dacron fabric with permittivity 3. The ground plane is slotted with author name initials. Super wide bandwidth is achieved by optimizing the geometry, introducing a square slot in the partial ground plane and introducing novel slot pattern on the radiating patch of the antenna. In this article, slotted wireless icon is used. The dimension of the proposed antenna substrate is 40×34×1.7  and the bandwidth 10.969 GHz starting from 38.965 GHz to 49.9333 GHz for return loss less than -10 dB. The gain variation is from 3.2 dB to 11.2147 dB and average total efficiency more than 83%. Maximum power of 19.39mW may be set as input to the proposed antenna in order to guarantee compliance with the IEEE C95.1-1999 safety standard. The proposed antenna design details and simulated results are presented by HFSS.


HFSS, SWB, Air Bone Radar System, Return Loss, Gain


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