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Rajar is a multidisciplinary and peer reviewed journals publishing site to look towards. The platform allows the best and top notch topics from all disciplines to be covered and thus covering wide array of topic from the open access journals at the end of the day.

Being an open access journal publishing site, this is well do to, if you want to publish your paper in English that supports the peer reviewed journal articles.

By doing so, we at Rajar, aim to be the open access journals as well as contributing towards the development and all the more attracting the group of scientist and the content contributors for the sake of making research and studying all the way more appreciated!

Few of the categories, which would be helped by this peer reviewed journals initiative, belong to both industrial and the academic slot. Few things to think about when one talks about Rajar: the peer reviewed journal articles are Computer Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Mathematics, Health Professions Applied Science, Social Sciences, Economics, Life Science, Physics and Astronomy and Toxicology and Pharmaceutics.

These are not the only fields of the study area, that are to be covered, but the range is far wider and it will keep growing and getting more added in the open access journals!

We at Rajar aim to seek co-operation from people coming from the various scientist and academic people coming together for this peer reviewed journals initiative!



Got some new idea with you? Have an interesting topic to research on? Sent hours of dedicated time and thinking to make things happening for that one scientific research Journal?

If these all that you have been doing, then we believe, this space is definitely for you! With so much of research and inventions-explorations happening, the main aim of Ra Journal is to seek the quality content coming from the places across the boundaries!

What is Rajar?

Rajar is the multidisciplinary Journal publication spot, dedicated and crafted for the original, well researched and interesting research journals, to be found at one place!

When you would ask you, what all Rajar includes? You can simply say, it has everything that supports and help in advancing the theoretical development and the practical applications as well.

Can I submit my Paper to Rajar?

Rajar welcomes all and any sort of Journal to be published on it. The few things that should be taken care of, so as to make the process of publishing articles on Rajar, an easy one, is by making sure of the following points:

  • ●  It has to be free of any sort of plagiarism. No doubt, everybody knows each piece of writing or the journal has to be certainly free of any sort of plagiarism.
  • ●  The papers to be published have to be unpublished.
  • ●  The paper should have well established points and the support for such theories should be well contained in the practical implications or the findings or in the process of reaching to the conclusion.
  • ●  You can submit the paper which is of following fashion: state of the art reviews, original papers and the high quality technical note.

Time to time, the Journal will distribute review articles and bring out unique issues on a particular field. Writers are urged to contact the Editors in the event that they might want to present an audit article or draw out an uncommon issue of the Journal. Accommodation of an original copy is taken as an announcement of affirmation that no piece of the composition is copyrighted by some other production nor is under audit by some other proper distribution.

It is the essential obligation of the creator to get appropriate authorization for the utilization of any copyrighted materials in the composition, before the accommodation of the original copy of work like Current science journal to Rajar!

What all subjects are taken into consideration?

When on talks about subjects, we have an unending list, whose journals, papers and lists are published. Though we do include multidisciplinary range like Current science journal, medical science journal, engineering and technology journal, education and research journal, computer science journal and any other journals are given equal important on the Rajar!

To help people understand here is the final list of the subjects catered on the international journal of multidisciplinary research and those are:

  • Designing and Technology
  • Management
  • ● Medical Sciences that is easily included in the medical science journal
  • ● Medicine, Social Science
  • ● Commerce
  • ● Physical Education
  • ● Computer Application to be rightly included in the engineering and technology journal.
  • Information Technology leading to the rightly called projects under one name: computer science journal!
  • ● Library Science
  • ● International Business Law/Criminology
  • ● Education and all the necessary aspects to be taken under one name education and research journal
  • ● Political Sciences
  • ● Agriculture
  • ● Marketing Management Microbiology
  • ● Geography
  • ● Advertising
  • ● Philosophy
  • ● Accounting and Finance
  • ● Botany
  • ● Nursing/Pharmacy
  • ● Life Sciences
  • ● Business
  • ● Research
  • ● Chemistry
  • ● Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • ● Earth Sciences
  • ● Performing Arts
  • ● Economics
  • ● Architecture
  • ● Nutraceuticals
  • ● Marketing correspondence
  • ● Physics
  • ● Fine Art
  • ● Industrial Relations Consumer Behavior and Relationship Management
  • ● Sociology
  • ● English
  • ● Health Care
  • ● Corporate Governance
  • ● Malacology
  • ● E-trade
  • ● Bioscience
  • ● Herpetology
  • ● Entrepreneurship
  • ● Primatology
  • ● Fisheries
  • ● Ichthyology
  • ● History
  • ● Applied Fields of Mosquito Research
  • ● Human Resources Management
  • ● Surveillance and Control Technology of Vectors
  • ● Myrmecology
  • ● Nematology
  • ● Parasitology and Immunobiology
  • ● ZZoosemiotics
  • ● Neuroethology
  • ● Entomology
  • ● Ornithology
  • ● Helminthology
  • ● Paleozoology
  • ● Planktology
  • ● Management
  • ● Marketing
  • ● Medical
  • ● Human Resources
  • ● Vector Molecular Biology
  • ● ooarchaeology
  • ● Business Strategies
  • ● Accounting
  • ● Nursing
  • ● Molecular Endocrinology
  • ● Leadership
  • ● Communication
  • ● Finance

Benefits of publishing papers on the website of Rajar: RA JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH

  • ● Your papers are safe with us, Nether we accept copy paste material from any source and nor we let others take the credit form your papers. Thus we keep them safe.
  • ● The certification of the paper publishing can be easily taken into account, with the help of digital certificate that can be easily availed from the site.
  • ● Submission of work, papers, thesis and journals on the site of Rajar: scientific research Journal, make it a standard set that your paper is originally written, thus discriminating the very often practice of Plagiarism.

Benefits of Writing a scientific research Journal

  • ● When on decides of preparing a Current science journal, the idea is to make the truth taken on the board in deeper detail.
  • ● When one writes about new or potential research history related to medical science journal, the general public remains notified of the new developments and the possible reasons with potential casual reasons of the disease.
  • ● Heights of development in the technological field and the advancement are necessarily brought in light with the help of engineering and technology journal and the computer science journal
  • ● Bringing ideas about various topics and new findings in the education filed could be easily taken into consideration, if all details are well mentioned in the education and research journal.