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Distress of Mother India

Distress of Mother India

Published March 31, 2019

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Agriculture is a war between Man and Nature.

                                                                                                            - George Debey

Being the back bone of the Indian Economy, agriculture provides livelihood to a majority of the people in the country. Today, agriculture provides more than half of employment opportunities in our economy. It is the main a source income of more than 70% of the population in rural areas. At the same time, there are many issues that challenge the policy makers. It has a number of unanswered questions when compared to other areas of development while talking about the development of agriculture and related sectors. At any time, the Indian agriculture sector is entirely dependent on the monsoon. What effect will be there upon those who depend on agriculture for livelihood?  what about farmers’ suicides? Low yields in agriculture, malnutrition, plan deficits and productivity decreases are the primary reasons for losing farmers income.

                                The farm sectors income is gradually decreasing in our GDP. As a result, There is an  agrarian crisis which drives the farmers to suicides. But, this is not only disadvantage of other agriculture crisis, but also other losses. Agricultural suicides are more common in the country. Before searching for the answers of all questions, suddenly this year, the farmers should come to know about the agenda of political parties. Now, many states have given priority to agriculture in their annual budgets. In fact, the primary sector is now in a big crisis. Poverty was the main concept to politics in the past. Poverty is synonymous with undernourishment. More 27% of the world’s undernourished people live in India. Actually, there is an inseparable connection to poverty and agriculture. Agricultural based economies have emerged as industrial based economies. But India is still called agrarian economy. The Central and State Governments have been introducing several programs, but it is in vain. This is our agriculture and poverty story. The Experts who know the crisis of primary sector don’t even talk about the actual tragedy.

This is the story of our Mother India


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