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Wood and Wooden Products Market of Vietnam in 2010 - 2017

Wood and Wooden Products Market of Vietnam in 2010 - 2017

Published March 30, 2019

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Vietnam is one of the biggest export wood countries in the world, but the unit value of wood is much lower than other countries because of many reasons from wood supply chain: high value in importing material wood; deforestation, affectless exploiting and management leading to low production value. Constructing an effective wood supply chain is good method to achieve main point of all international certification for wood and wood product to achieve higher value and it also is the best way to protect and develop forest sustainably with higher economic value. This article will concentrate to provide an overview of wood supply chain management, analyze the effectiveness of wood supply chain in Vietnam in period 2010 - 2017 and propose some solutions to enhance the effectiveness of wood supply chain in Vietnam and to protect and develop sustainably the forest in Vietnam.


Export, import, forest, wood and wooden products, wood supply chain


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