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Short Run Production Process Capability Analysis in Machine Production

Short Run Production Process Capability Analysis in Machine Production

Published April 1, 2019

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an important tool for monitoring productions processes. Process capability analysis aims to compare and find the proportion of process tolerance and process variation. Both SPC and Process capability indices are widely used within manufacturing environments. This article deals with monitoring low volume production process in bakery industry and reports the results of a statistical quality improvement programme. Calculated capability indices (Cp, Cpk) and subsequent process modification are discussed in relation to a specific short run and small mixed batch pro-duction. The purpose of the paper is to present that conventional under-standing that SPC and process capability analysis are or can be performed only on high volume processes is rebutted by applying high volume theory to a low volume production process.


Capability indices, Machining Industry, Mixed Batch Production, Process Capability, Short Run Production


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