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Determinants of Government Employee Performance: Study in Agriculture and Plantation Institution of Aceh Province

Determinants of Government Employee Performance: Study in Agriculture and Plantation Institution of Aceh Province

Published January 23, 2019

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This study aims to identify the factors form the government employee performance. The research is conducted in the Institution of Agriculture and Plantation of Aceh Province, in the year 2018. Based on the literature and its gaps can be identified the factors are organizational communication and leadership style. The cross-sectional data is used, and the methods of data analysis in this study is multiple linear regression, with the number of respondent as many as 100 employees chosen by stratified proportional random sampling technique. The result shows that the variables of organizational communication and leadership style have partially significant effect on the performance of employees. This finding implies that the institution needs to take consideration in organizational communication and leadership style. The limitation of this study is in the amount of variables that are only three, and only focuses in one object. The findings of this research are the new ones, by developing the previous theory, using the new place and time.


employee performance, organizational communication and leadership style


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