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Investigation of Entrepreneurship as a Driver for Job Creation Among Youths

Investigation of Entrepreneurship as a Driver for Job Creation Among Youths

Published December 18, 2015

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Unemployment is a pathology that plagues all nations including South Africa. Hence this study used phenomenological approach with the intention of deeply understanding entrepreneurship as a driver of job creation based on the experiences of the respondents. It was conducted in Thohoyandou, Vhembe District in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. Primary and secondary data collection methods was used during a focus group discussion and a semi structured interview guide which gave room for probing during the data collection of in depth data from ten unemployed respondents. The collected data was analyzed using theme identification where the responses were allocated to appropriate themes after carefully reading the responses over and over again. The study revealed that most unemployed youths venture into entrepreneurship because of job scarcity. More findings showed that youth entrepreneurship is a solution for youth unemployment. This is based on the fact that majority of the unemployed youth who get involved in entrepreneurship can afford the basic necessities of life through the financial independence that comes with entrepreneurship. Results further revealed positive impact of youth entrepreneurship on the society because youths’ idleness is reduced as jobs are created for other youths in the society as well. The findings pointed out that entrepreneurship is psychologically developing youths because running a business develops one’s critical thinking as well as the decision making skills. The study recommended that more agencies should come on board to help in supporting youths' businesses. At the same time awareness campaigns about agencies that are assisting youth entrepreneurs should be employed so that those agencies that are already operating are known to all the youths in South Africa; Thohoyandou in particular.


entrepreneurship, job creation, youths, entrepreneurial belief, coping strategies, South Africa


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