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Development Of New Metrics For Benchmarking Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (Sagd) Projects In Alberta Oil And Gas Industry

Development Of New Metrics For Benchmarking Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (Sagd) Projects In Alberta Oil And Gas Industry

Published September 18, 2015

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In Alberta, oil & gas industry is the driving economic force for economy. The trend of growth in oil and gas sector in Alberta has created tremendous economic opportunities but has also posed a number of challenges, including less than anticipated performance during the construction of project. The success of this energy sector can be improved by improving the project performance of SAGD projects. The research reviewed and analysed project performance and proposed new metrics in
addition to the COAA existing metrics to benchmark SAGD projects. A qualitative research methodology was employed in investigating the project performance. Interviews were conducted with industry practitioners, which contained open - ended questions. The result found and proposed 9 metrics in addition to the COAA existing metrics specifically to benchmark SAGD projects effectively. This method has the potential to contribute to a reduction in cost and schedule overruns and improves SAGD project performance. It is concluded that the results of the study will help in achieving a higher rate of productivity in the Alberta oil and gas industry.


project performance, benchmarking, metrics and SADG improvement


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