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Statistics on Consumer Durables Manufactured, By Season

Statistics on Consumer Durables Manufactured, By Season

Published March 13, 2015

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Historically, consumer confidence and the willingness of American and European customers to increase both production and consumption of consumer durables have had a sizable impact on the health of the American and EU economies, as well the broader global economy. However, a notable feature of the recent global downturn was a significant decrease in the demand for consumer durables (Black &Cusbert, 2010).A comprehensive awareness of the general patterns of consumer durable purchasesisimportant for American economists due to their connectivity to the domestic and global economies.While there have been studies outlining the effects of consumer durable purchases on business cycles and productivity growth, none has presented variations and trends in consumer durables by month. Awareness of the most likely seasons to export consumer durables would be particularly useful to foreign consumers, who stand to benefit from knowing the most cost-effective times to buy industrial products from American producers.




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