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Domestic And Sexual Violence Against Women And Children

Domestic And Sexual Violence Against Women And Children

Published March 7, 2015

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Violent activities can be seen everywhere. Whether we are at home, school, club, church, college, university or any other place. Men and women are the pivot of domestic life. Women are considered the creator, protector and educator of the family. Indian constitution and preamble of India promise to secure to all citizens justice, social, political, economic, liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of status and of opportunity and promote among them all ; fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of all the national. For this, constitution guarantees certain rights and liberties in the form of fundamental rights. Women are benefited from these rights equally with men. In Punjab a recent report, The Tribune 2008 has highlighted the fact that women continue to be unsafe in Punjab. State women commissioner reported that at least one rape and kidnapping of two women are reported in Punjab. A woman
murdered every day and at least one case of molestation is registered everyday. At least 12 women commit suicide every month and the same number killed for dowry. Rape is very often an act of violence that uses sex as a weapon. Rape is motivated by the aggression and the desire to exert power and humiliate in
United States America and United Kingdom, there are many rape crisis centers to advise the rape victims. But most are known in some way. It can happen anywhere in the household/family, workplace, public spaces, sexual settings, during war/conflict situations. Sexual exploitation includes exploitative situations, contexts and relationships where someone receives ‘something’ (e.g. alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, affection, etc.) as a result of them performing and/or another or others performing on them, sexual activities, violence. Coercion and intimidation are common, involvement in exploitative relationships being characterized in
the main by the person’s limited availability of choice resulting from this social, eco/emotional vulnerability. Children should never receive less protection than adults. They must be given proper care. At international level, in conjunction with United Nations for International Cultural Educational Fund, an effort has been done to remove this evil.




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